The Bunker Vision App




By pooling anonymised fuel test data provided by multiple laboratories, shipowners, charterers and operators the Bunker Vision App provides transparency of the fuel quality delivered by physical suppliers in ports around the world.

Combined with crucial information such as price and logistics the Bunker Vision App provides users with an additional tool for pre-purchase evaluation of fuel quality.

Data Acquisition
Our clients and sponsors authorise us to access to their own proprietary fuel quality test reports by seamless data transfer to our database.

Data Providers
In an effort to reach critical mass of fuel test data in our database we offer free access for all fuel test data providers and sponsors where users can see their own data as well as third party data in an anonymised format. In this way data providers can benchmark the quality of own purchases against the fuel quality purchased by other anonymous bunker buyers.

Sample data
Current industry standard implies that supplier’s fuel sample and certificate of quality is legally binding in disputes over quality and will usually be stated in supplier’s terms of delivery. However, for a number of reasons there may be considerable differences between test results of the buyer’s sample and suppliers sample and/or certificate of quality.

The sampling method, location and date of supplier’s sample may be unknown to the bunker buyer. Also, there are many sources of contamination between the land terminal and/or barge until the fuel ends up in the tanks of the receiving vessel.

Provided that drip samples are taken from the receiving vessel bunker manifold and that samples are tested in accredited laboratories we believe that our data gives a representative picture of the fuel quality delivered in ports around the world.

Off-spec test results
Single off-spec test results may of course not always be critical for consumption. Re-test results may also be within the acceptable precision limits (reproducibility) specified for the parameter in question and hence be considered on-spec. Yet in other cases the product appears to be on-spec, but turn out to be “unfit for purpose” due to for instance chemical contamination (ie. Houston “bad fuel” cases in 2018)

Bunker Vision does not take any of the above into account in reporting off-spec results as they are solely based on deviations between buyer’s sample test results and the specificications of the ISO grade supplied.

Fuel test data is solely based on buyer’s fuel test reports as provided by the appointed laboratories and do not provide any information about whether or not deliveres are handled through intermediares.


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