Bunker Watch

Challenges relating to bunker quality are expected to increase post IMO 2020 – mainly due to the increased consumption of max 0.5% sulphur compliant fuel and many new blend compositions.

Solving fuel quality disputes can be complex, costly and time consuming for fuel buyers and often requires specialist technical, commercial and legal expertise.

Typical claims

We have developed Bunker Watch – a system specifically designed for monitoring fuel test results on behalf of ship-owners, charterers and operators as a complementing service to standard laboratory fuel quality testing.

Bunker Watch helps identify poorly performing suppliers, assess the true value of bunkers and possibly reduce risk of damage to machinery.

Bunker Watch features:

  • Continuous off-spec notification service
  • Support service with access to our vast fuel quality database
  • Real-time updates of new incoming fuel test reports from multiple labs
  • User defined dashboards, alerts and downloads (Excel, Power Point)
  • Interactive graphics and analytics for fleet performance and benchmarking of key commercial, technical and regulatory parameters
  • Integrated vessel tracking
  • Claims functionality with document handling
  • Sample leadtime analytics
  • App for smartphone and iPad/tablet
  • Tailor made subscriptions to match fleet size, sample volume or specific customer requirements


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