The Bunker Watch App

Many market participants anticipate fuel quality problems to rise with the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap due mainly to the increased demand for compliant fuel and many new unknown blend compositions.

Off-spec fuel becomes sunk cost for fuel buyers unless it is identified, assessed, notified, documented and claimed.

By subscribing to our “Bunker Watch” App we monitor customer’s own incoming fuel test results from multiple laboratories on behalf of individual ship-owners, charterers and operators. It is a complementing service to standard laboratory fuel quality testing services.

Subscribers get free access to our Bunker Vision App for benchmarking quality of own purchases against the fuel quality purchased by other anonymised bunker buyers.

Customers receive off-spec alerts, notifications and recommendations  – and if required legal support.

Users can do detailed fuel quality analysis and filtering of all important KPIs for commercial, technical and regulatory parameters without the need for any tedious manual exercises – all at a click of a button in the palm of your hand!


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