Short Density

Short density is calculated basis the difference between density recorded by supplier on Bunker Delivery Note (invoice basis) and the density as tested by buyer’s appointed laboratory.

Given that bunkers is delivered in volume and paid for in weight then BDN density values above tested values implies that the buyer is paying for a quantity which is not received.

The graphics show short density in bunker buyers disfavour only based on the premis that these may be claimed by the bunker buyer. Supplier’s sales terms normally states that the supplier retained sample is legally binding in a dispute over quality. A claim by buyer will typically result in a re-test of the supplier retained sample in a mutually appointed lab in order to determine the the settlement value.

Total accumulated short density for a bunker supploier often consist of numerous smaller differences for which the majority are too small to qualify for a claim.

Limitation of data

Re-tested density values are not normally provided to MFS. Consequently MFS have have no way of adjusting the final short density numbers. However, the totals will without a doubt be considerable lower if re-test result were included.