Off-spec samples

Our raw data have certain limitations. Single off-spec test results may for instance not be critical for consumption. Re-test carried out to confirm BDN or initial lab test result may be within the precision limits (reproducibility limits with 95% confidence) as defined in ISO8217 and hence be considered on-spec. Yet in other cases the product appears to be on-spec, but turns out to be “unfit for purpose” due to contamination and hence a violation of clause 5 of ISO8217 (ie the product is off-spec after all).  

The off-spec data is calculated solely on the basis of deviations between fuel buyer’s own sample test results compared with the assumed grade ordered by the bunker buyer. In cases where a supplier makes exemptions to the ISO grade supplied (such as Pour Point in Singapore) a test result in excess of the permitted maximum ISO8217 limit is still considered off-spec in the raw data.

Off-spec sulphur is calculated basis maximum limits of 3.50%, 0.50%, and 0.10% for HFO (High Sulphur Fuel Oil), VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) and MGO (Marine Gas Oil) respectively.

Raw data may from time to time be missing supplier or port names due to incomplete data received from third party laboratories or data-providers.