Bunker Vision

Shipowners, charterers and operators need to digest a lot of information in order to make optimal bunker purchasing and chartering decisions. One such important bit of information is bunker quality.

Bunker Vision contains anonymized fuel quality data from thousands of recent commercial samples as tested by accredited labs on behalf of ship-owners, charterers and operators.

The system is updated daily with the lates tests data from over 700 ports worldwide.

Comprehensive off-spec statistics and detailed analytics on commercial, technical and regulatory test parameters help identify poorly performing suppliers and ports.

Energy Adjusted Prices

With a few clicks achieve real cost savings of up to 20 $/mt on a single stem.

See the best energy adjusted prices in all major ports worldwide – updated on a continuous basis. 

“To ensure we get the best quality bunkers at the lowest possible cost our bunker buyers  always check Bunker Vision  before fixing a stem. A stem may appear to be the cheapest alternative when in fact it ends up being the worst  after adjusting for energy content and density discrepancies – it may even be off-spec.” (Bunker Manager and Bunker Vision subscriber).

CO2 emissions

Bunker Vision contains CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data from more than 11,000 vessels as reported under the mandatory EU MRV scheme and can help charterers make “greener” decisions when evaluating vessel options.

Data-driven decision support

Reliable and up-to-date bunker quality information help ensuring safety of crew, avoid damage to machinery and reduce environmental emissions.

Ship-owners, charterers and operators can make data-driven purchasing decisions thus reducing the risk of disputes over quality.

‘Likewise, ship managers, bunker traders and brokers can elevate level of market intelligence when advising clients.